How to spray pu paint

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How to spray pu paint

How to spray pu paint is an art process that you need to learn and learn. Without the technique, you would not know how to handle paint before painting on objects. You also cannot know how to paint ratio. And there are many things you need to learn before you want to use pu paint. Today we will help you learn the simplest way to spray PU paint.

1. Prepare before trying to spray PU paint.

Whether you are a professional or a non-professional, you need to be well prepared before you can spray pu paint. The things you need to prepare are as follows.

1.1 Identify items to be sprayed.

Determining exactly what you need to spray paint is the way to help you arrange the smartest. When you have things to paint, you will easily know what to paint accordingly. Then you also need to know the amount of paint suitable for objects to be painted.


1.2 Choose the right paint.

PU paint is a paint that is used quite a lot in woodwork as well as in life. There are 2 types of pu paint.

- Hard form: This type is often used to refresh furniture such as varnishes to protect the shelf life of furniture.

- Foam type: This type is used for fragile items or as seat cushions in cars.

2. How to spray pu paint

Pu paint is applied to create aesthetic colors for natural wood to be more beautiful and soft. Before learning how to spray pu paint you need to learn the components of pu paint.

2.1 Components in pu paint

Pu paints are different from regular paints, and they are composed of three main components.

- Primer. Just like with makeup, the first step is to apply a layer of cream to conceal. So is the primer. It has the effect of smoothing the surface of the paint and helping the paint color to be more even.


  • Paint color. This section will be selected at will, depending on the user.
  • Paint gloss. This is the corrugated iron paint so the beauty of things. This paint will create gloss for the whole process of painting.

2.2 Ways to spray pu paint

Want the finished product to be beautiful, before painting you need to follow these steps.

Step 1. Before you start spraying, you need to handle the surface of the object to be painted. Treat using sandpaper to rub the surface of the product.

Step 2: Embark on implementation. Spray each layer of paint thinly, evenly and spray only in one direction. Remember to only spray the next application when the previous one has been truly dry.

Step 3. Acceptance of the finished product. You should pay attention in the process of painting is how to have the ideal thick paint, avoid the thin paint to make it unsightly aesthetic.


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