4 most popular wood paints on the market today

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4 most popular wood paints on the market today

The proverb has a better saying that wood is better than lacquer, which implies appreciating quality inside rather than appearance, but that doesn't mean appearance doesn't matter.

If choosing wood for furniture is difficult, choosing wood paint is not easy. So through this article, we will share with you the popular wood paints today, and when to use the most appropriate!

6 popular types of wood paint on the market

Here are the types of interior wood paints that are heavily exploited because of the paint color and the ability to stick to the wood, and have a fairly high decorative aesthetic. These wood paints can be used for both natural and industrial wood.

PU wood paint

PU paint is the most popular technique for interior painting, including 3 main stages: smoothing wood surface, painting color and finally gloss paint. PU wood paint is a two component synthetic paint!

As originally envisioned, it means that PU paint is a paint used to overcome a part of the convex surface of the interior wood, color and aesthetic finishing. It is a closed process.

PU is actually a synthetic resin from Polymer, which is widely used including wood paint.

To paint standard PU, you must know how to mix the paints in proportion to each step, such as the ratio of the primer to smooth the wood, what is the ratio, what is the PU coating color and the ratio? .

However, PU paint always has the main components such as primer box, glossy paint, specialized gasoline, hard paint and color.

Types of PU wood paint: 1K, 2K, Vinyl, fake wood paint.

  • 1K paint is one component paint, that is, almost all Alkyd resin components;
  • 2K paint is a two component paint, including Alkyd and curing agent. Curing agent including solvents, glue…. should basically say 2K is an upgrade of 1K;
  • Vinyl is a one component primer, mainly used for industrial transfer;
  • Imitation wood paint: Wood grain texture is a way to blend the rate of creating fake wood grain for wood or metal;

NC wood paint

NC wood paint is a 1 component synthetic paint, lacquer without curing substances. While PU is a curing agent.

Wood water paint

This type of wood paint is available with famous brands such as Jotun, Lotus, Dulux ... You only need to mix with water in the prescribed ratio to be able to paint directly on the wood.

The current paint has good adhesion ability and is smooth, the paint life can be up to 5 years.

Wood oil paint

Oil paint is a wood component paint like water paint or NC wood paint, sold on the market with famous foreign brands such as Dulux, Jotun.

Oil paint is based on Alkyd resin so it has a high gloss, though it has an unpleasant smell that affects health.

Above are some of the most popular wood paints on the market today, you rely on the characteristics of each of these wood paints to repair your family's furniture when needed.

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